Every foreigner wishing to adopt a child should be sponsored by social or child welfare agency recognized by the Government of the country in which the foreigner is resident. They should also meet the adoption requirements in Kenya as explained in our previous post.

The foreign enlisted agency shall also sent a copy of the application as well as all the prescribed documents including a home study report enclosed with it to the Child Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSK) duly Notarized by Notary Public whose signature would be duly attested either by an officer of the Ministry of External Affairs or justice or Social Welfare of the Country of foreigner or by an officer of Kenyan embassy or High Commission or Consulate in that country.

The Home Study being a crucial document broadly include the following information:

  • Social status and family background
  • Description of home including the number of bedrooms and whether it can comfortably accommodate the child
  • Standard of living as it appears in the home
  • Current relationship between Husband and Wide
  • Current relationship between the parents and children (if any children)
  • Development of already adopted children (if any)
  • Current relationship between the couple and the members of each other’s family
  • Employment status of the couple
  • Health details such as clinical tests, past illnesses etc. (medical certificates)
  • Economic status of the couple
  • Accommodation of the child
  • Schooling facilities
  • Amenities in the home
  • Reasons for wanting to adopt a Kenyan child
  • Attitudes of relative towards adoption
  • Anticipated plans for the adopted child
  • Regal status of the prospective adoptive parents

The agency should carefully get the Home study Report prepared by the professional Social Worker broadly on the basis of the information.

Adopting a child in Kenya
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