Have you thought of starting an eye service hospital in Kenya and you are wondering of the requirements to actualize your dream? Here is the solution. An Ophthalmology hospital is an entity that exclusively offers eye treatment services. Eye services business in Kenya is ever green because it is not easily affected by economic changes. Besides being a lucrative venture, many people think that starting an Ophthalmology hospital is stressful from all the long procedures to the large startup capital. However, once you have all the requirements the process is simple and straight forward. This article outline the requirements for starting an eye service hospital in Kenya. 

The entity that is mandated with the responsibility of regulating the Health sector in Kenya is the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board. The following are the requirements for starting an eye service hospital in Kenya:- 

  • A duly filled and signed by the Area Medical Officer of Health or Provisional Medical Officer form IX. A form IX is an application form for the registration of a private medical institution. 
  • Company or business certificate. 
  • An inspection report. This report must be signed by the relevant inspection team. 
  • Certified copies of professional qualifications of all medical personnel working therein. These include private practice license for doctors and nurses and their registration certificates. 
  • A building architectural plan signed by the relevant authorities. In this case both county government and national construction authority. 

Specifically there should be a reception room, a consulting room, a treatment room and a procedure room if procedures are done at the facility. 

  • Clear drainage system and accessibility to the facility. 
  • A pharmacy run by a qualified pharmacist or pharmaceutical technologist. 
  • The proprietor/Administrator/Director to ensure that: the facility is kept clean, the institution license is up to date and health professionals working therein are registered/licensed appropriately. And  
  • The relevant fees applicable is paid promptly. 

With all these requirements, the process of registration becomes simpler and can take up to a maximum of 30 days. 

By Andrew Wanga 

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