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MMS Advocates is a Kenyan corporate and commercial law firm providing legal representation, legal advice and transactional services to a considerable range of local and international clients.

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We are committed to strengthening our clients’ ability to make legally informed and regulatory compliant decisions. To achieve this, we create the time and make the effort to understand the nature of their respective and particular businesses which in-turn enables us at MMS Advocates to gain some insight into their needs and wants.

Our team of lawyers comprises of some of the most committed practitioners in their respective areas of specialization and or interest with significant “on- the-ground” understanding of the technical business environment, key government agencies’ operational requirements and regulatory authorities’ frameworks relevant in the field of business in Kenya.

MMS Advocates appreciate the fact that experience and preparedness are complimentary to each other. The experience in representing corporate and individual clients with complex legal mandates and guidelines within which they operate and the preparedness to stand with them every step of the way. It is noteworthy that through all this, our transactional advice on matters pertaining to for instance, mergers and acquisitions, commercial, property and litigation matters in Kenya is and has remained top-notch.

The balance between providing cost-friendly and observing the Advocates Remuneration Order’s provisions has always been a delicate one to strike. However, we are of the humble opinion that an excellent service naturally dictates the fee that it commands. Therefore, from the foregoing, we provide the right mix of experience and skills obtained during our previous tenures at top ranked law firms on the continent to our clients at competitive fee rates with our major focus on delivering value at reasonable rates.